Simple, real-time communication with Esendex APIs.

Integrate Esendex services into your software in minutes to transform communications instantly.

"accountReference": "{ESENDEX_ACCOUNT_REFERENCE}",
"channels": [ "SMS" ],
"recipient": {
"variables": { "name": "Fred" },
"address": { "msisdn": "{INTERNATIONALISED_PHONE_NUMBER}" }
"content": {
"body": {
"text": { "value": "Hi [[name]]. We're here to help you tap into the true potential of mobile messaging!" }

Introducing our Rich Content API

Build Rich Content into your apps, websites and software in minutes, no matter what programming language you use. Our in-house team have developed our Rich Content API to be really intuitive and easy to use, including a wealth of features and the reliability that you need to build the best solution for your business.


About Rich Content...

Enhance your customer messages with images, videos, rich cards and more to create an engaging conversational experience that drives conversions.

By using channels such as RCS* and WhatsApp, your customers can engage with your business within a fully branded and verified messaging experience. With rich content, your customers can have a more interactive experience from being able to add reminders to their calendars to getting directions to their nearest store.

*Where available

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